Robotic Milking

Have You Ever Seen Robotic Milking of Cows?

cardsmill farm cow

Efficient milking at Cardsmill Farm

At Cardsmill Farm Holidays we have 6 Robotic milking machines that are working 24 hours a day so the cows are able to be milked several times throughout the day and night. It is a computerised system with the cows being identified by there collars on entering the robot cubicle. The robotic arm uses sensors to move the arm under the cows udder, brush and wash the teats, and put the unit on. When the flow of milk has slowed down the unit comes off and the teats are sprayed to protect them from infection.

Cows that choose when to be milked

The cows can come in every 4/5 hours if they want but they choose, the ones earlier in there lactation come more often then those nearing the time to there dry period. The computer programs can also tell us information on the cows such as their temperature and their milk consistency which in turns helps us to detect illness and mastitis before it takes hold and therefore they will require less antibotics.

No pressure!

The cows love this system as although they produce more milk they are under less pressure with there udders emptying more often and resting more so there feet are better, they are really relaxed.

Robotic Milking

Have you seen robotic milking?