B is for………

B is for………

Colmers Hill

The Iconic Colmers Hill which stands overlooking Bridport


B is for BEAMINSTER.  A pretty litttle market town centred round the
Market Square.  Quaint little shops and eateries.  The church is rather
unusual in that it’s tower is elaborately decorated with friezes,
pinnacles and an array of sculptured figures.
BROADWINDSOR.  Well worth a visit to the Craft Centre – ideal for a dull
day, plus a very nice restaurant.
BRIDPORT was famous for its hemp and flax producing a thriving rope and
sailcloth industry.  Lee Lane a small road off the Dorchester Road was
where King Charles II was reputed to have hidden from the Roundheads in
1651 – there is a stone monument to commemorate it.  Today Bridport has
many fine eateries and also a busy entertainment programme – something
for all.  There are open markets on a Wednesday and Saturday in the
mornings.  The Farmers Market is once a month.  There are pleasant walks
from the town along the river to West Bay, famous for its huge sandstone
BURTON BRADSTOCK is about two and a half miles east of Bridport, and is
well worth a walk round.  It has 2 really good pubs plus the Hive Beach
Cafe.  The Sandstone Cliffs above the Chesil Beach are very attractive.

Moore’s Biscuits!

Family run Moore’s Biscuit makers established in 1880 in Bridport
Moore’s Biscuits were established in 1880 and are one of Britain’s longest established biscuit makers . They are still a family owned business located in Bridport with a craft shop and gallery in Morcombelake on the A35.   Moore’s make sweet biscuits ,  granola and the famous savoury  Dorset Knob. The craft shop sells not only biscuits but fresh bread and cakes and is open Monday to Saturday and bank holidays . 

Moore's Biscuit



A is for Abbotsbury.
As you drive towards this pretty village you will see St Catherine’s Chapel on the hill.   It is built entirely of stone, even the roof!  There are heavy stone buttresses to support the 4ft (1.2mtrs) thick walls.   It’s roof is barrel vaulted.   Abbotsbury Swannery, started by monks in the 14th century, is worth a visit.   It is to the west end of the Fleet.   The Fleet is the back water behind part of Chesil beach.   At the swannnery approx. 600 swans reside.  After Easter signs will go up to advertise “baby swans” in case we don’t know what a cygnet is!

A is for Abbotsbury

Abbotsbury swannery is a perfect place to visit.


Abbotsbury garden is a sub-tropical garden and is protected by the prevailing winds by trees and it’s position.   The azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons are beautiful in the season and not to be missed.

Finally, the village itself, tea rooms and quaintness.  Little remains of the monastery except for the huge Tythe Barn.  In St Nicholas Church there are shot holes in the pulpit – said to have been the result of the civil war.

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Robotic Milking

Have You Ever Seen Robotic Milking of Cows?

cardsmill farm cow

Efficient milking at Cardsmill Farm

At Cardsmill Farm Holidays we have 6 Robotic milking machines that are working 24 hours a day so the cows are able to be milked several times throughout the day and night. It is a computerised system with the cows being identified by there collars on entering the robot cubicle. The robotic arm uses sensors to move the arm under the cows udder, brush and wash the teats, and put the unit on. When the flow of milk has slowed down the unit comes off and the teats are sprayed to protect them from infection.

Cows that choose when to be milked

The cows can come in every 4/5 hours if they want but they choose, the ones earlier in there lactation come more often then those nearing the time to there dry period. The computer programs can also tell us information on the cows such as their temperature and their milk consistency which in turns helps us to detect illness and mastitis before it takes hold and therefore they will require less antibotics.

No pressure!

The cows love this system as although they produce more milk they are under less pressure with there udders emptying more often and resting more so there feet are better, they are really relaxed.

Robotic Milking

Have you seen robotic milking?